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  • MICRO DNC 3A is an equipment used for replace for the old transfer data by using computer. When using computer to transfer data to CNC machine, it will have some disadvantage: the connection will not stability, waste the acreage. Then MICRO DNC 3A device has improved these advantages to make the transfer data become more easier, faster and more convenient.
  • MICRO DNC 3A can connect to a computer via wireless LAN (wifi) to control transmission, copy program between DNC DEVICE and computer
  • MICRO DNC 3A has 4GB internal memory, has 2 USB 2.0 ports to read programs in USB stick
  • transfer program into CNC machine memory
  • transmit DNC drip program (works in TAPE mode)
  • receive program or PC / PARAMETER from CNC machine
  • Package includes 1 DNC 3A, 1 ADAPTER 12VDC, 1 RS232 cable DP9(female)-DP25(male)
  • We have a long-term customer care regime, throughout the operation of the device. and can help you set up the device to work on cnc machines