DNC PRO (connect wifi to computer via windows tool "Map Network Driver")

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DNC pro is a dnc device used to transmit or receive a program to a CNC machine.
equipment with full functions of DNC TITAN (https://dncdevice.com/products/dnc-titan)
Built in network drive use to storage and manage NC programs. Easily copy and past NC program files from PC. 
and has the function of connecting wifi to the computer via the "Map network driver" function. you can see and copy between DNC PRO and computer directly on the interface of WINDOWS
The device has 3 USB ports and you can use 3 USB memory at the same time (USB 2.0)
DEVICE has 1 RJ45 LAN port, you can connect to the computer by wired network (LAN RJ45) or wireless wifi network
wifi settings for the first time. and will automatically connect for the next time
DNC PRO has 16GB of internal memory
This is a Portable Program Transfer Device that transfers CNC machine programs from a standard USB flash drive (Thumb Drive, Pen Drive, memory stick…) to or from the CNC control through the RS232 communications port, also referred to as Drip feed DNC or Up-Loading & Down-Loading. Extension of file name supports: *.?NC, *.TXT,*.NC, *tap

· 04 magnet nuts to mounting on CNC machine

· 06 Buttons:FUNC, NEXT, BACK, SET, UP, DOWN

· Function: COPY-PASTE, CUT-PASTE, RENAME, DELETE, Make NEW FOLDER: easy management files & folders on USB flash drive  and internal MEMORY.

· Function AUTO CUTTING: it can cutting by Percent or Line Number. We can see program content after cutting.

· Function SEND – Send program to CNC machine, monitoring program content when sending

· Function FORCED SEND – Forced transfer a program to CNC machines without the required signal from CNC machines (Skip XON)

Flow Control 

                 - SOFTWARE (Xon,Xoff)

                 - HARDWARE (RTS,CTS)

· Function RECEIVE – Receive program / parameter from CNC machine.

· USB/MEMORY capacity monitoring; Format USB flash drive, etc.

Replace PC running a DNC software
  • Data transfer to CNC machine, from USB to RS232, USB to 50 pin parallel port.
  • Can transfer from USB or memory. Memory up to 16GB
  • Transfer data to CNC machine with TAPE MODE or MEMORY MODE