5pcs MICRO DNC 2

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This is a portable DNC device. they can transmit - receive or drip programs to the cnc machine (of most popular cnc machine control systems FANUC, HAAS, OKUMA, YASNAC, MITSUBISHI...) from internal memory (4GB) or from Large capacity USB stick.through the RS232 communications port, Extension of file name supports: *.?NC, *.TXT,*.NC, *tap


  • simulate the toolpath in the program
  • connect to computer via WIFI network to receive/send programs to computer, display NOTICE from central room, or receive SEND command from control room
  • 4GB internal memory, or can be replaced by yourself with a large capacity memory card inside the box
  • Copy between USB stick and internal memory in MICRO DNC 2
  • has screen sleep function to increase screen life
  • with built-in memory pages for basic instructions for using the device. you can see on the screen of the MICRO DNC 2. or the accompanying manual is stored in the memory, you can copy it to a USB to read and install the software (WIFI connection software) on the computer.
  • you can view and edit the G-code program directly on your device's screen
  • There is a virtual keyboard for you to edit, or you can use the keyboard plugged into the USB port to type on the computer keyboard
  • can create a new simple program on the screen of the MICRO DNC 2 and save it in memory
  • delete or reformat the program in memory or USB
  • Package includes MICRO DNC 2 x rs232 cable and 24VDC adapter. (complete to use)