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This is a USB STICK product with WIFI network connection function.
The device is a USB stick with 10GB memory, USB 2.0 standard
You can use a regular USB stick like any other USB stick, but the special point of this device is that you can access its memory remotely via WIFI network based on the "map network driver" tool of WINDOWS
The application of the device is very wide, tasks that need to read USB STICK continuously but do not need to remove the USB CARD from the device to read or copy on the computer, instead you just need to write or copy files from the computer. to the USB drive on the computer, then you can immediately use it on the USB STICK on the device
In the program transmission application for machine tools, you can use a USB stick inserted directly into the USB port of CNC MACHINE, LASER MACHINE, 3D printer, WIRE CUTTING MACHINE, SEWING MACHINE, INDUSTRIAL EMBROIDERY MACHINE.... ( machine tools that support reading USB stick cards)
In program transmission devices for CNC machines (DNC TITAN, DNC ONE, DNC X). You can also use the USB STICK device to connect to a computer and exchange data, turning the device into an additional wifi function like DNC PRO.