Program transmission solution for cnc machine

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Most older CNC machines have very small memory, which will make loading the program into memory often to use different small programs, or have the option to drip the program "DNC function" . The transmission of the program to the CNC machine is through the RS232 port on the CNC machine

The traditional DNC solution uses a computer with specialized DNC software installed (such as CimcoEdit, DosteskDNC, ProDNC…) to stream the machining program to the CNC machine. This solution has some disadvantages as follows:

- Placing a set of computers near the CNC machine occupies the workshop area.
- Manipulating the computer takes a lot of time and many stages (starting the computer, starting the software, installing, selecting ...).
- Computers sometimes malfunction or are attacked by viruses, causing work interruptions, reducing productivity.

With the above disadvantages of the traditional solution, we have researched to integrate the most necessary functions with the goal of compact product and optimized operation, in order to improve productivity and economy in the future. In the process of using CNC machines, the DNCdevice product - The transmission program for CNC machines was born.

With DNCdevice, the programmer after creating the G-code on the computer will copy the file to the USB, then bring the USB pin to the DNCdevice at the CNC machine area. or you can copy the program from the computer to the DNCdevice remotely via wifi or wired LAN "RJ45 PORT" (with some products with wifi connection function)
DNCdevice is connected to the CNC machine via an RS232 serial cable or a 50-pin Parallel parallel cable. Here, the operator selects the file displayed on DNCdevice's LCD and then proceeds to transfer. The operation only takes a few seconds